Favour Chibuokem

I love the entire communication process – how one can scientifically, with proper planning and structuring reach another in the most artistic way possible. It is why I write.

About Me

As someone who once had difficulty expressing herself verbally, writing became a place of solace to me. Now, I have learned to understand the pain points of others while accepting, understanding, and walking through mine. Now, it is what I do to help businesses and their customers overcome the inability to communicate.

As a Content Writer, I am the bridge between you and your customers, together, we discover their needs and with my input, let them know that you are here to meet those needs.

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The Science of Communication

I even believe with reason “scientifically” that it mostly is a one-man carrying the brush and palette with the other doing a bee dance of approval. This sometimes transits from a round dance to a waggle dance depending on how far the brush carrier wants to go (pfft let’s be guided please, I’m no beekeeper😁). In the end, two do paint. Art. The above are words I appreciate as art. However, looking at it as a critic or do I say realist would, all I see is science staring back at me. Like the way,


The tech space is overwhelming. Making an entry into it can be an even more overwhelming phase of one’s life, or not; that opinion is totally subjective. For myself; it involved listening to my brother go on about stuff he loved doing and that was totally fine by me (what with my love for knowing something about everything), going for tech meetups organized by the tech community around me (mostly for the swags), realizing that techies made cool money and that I was a potential golden goose (a gi

Doing GIT the Kraken Way

Doing GIT the Kraken Way If you are on this page, you may have heard about GitKraken somewhere. Perhaps you thought “Is this GIT here some typo” or you happened to stumble upon this. However way you got here, a little interest in tech is all that is needed to keep reading, you, after all, do make use of the internet. This post will not teach you how to code or develop but will just help you get started with GitKraken. GitKraken is a GUI Git client built by axosoft. It can be used on your Windo

How We Built & Deployed With Jamstack

Starting anything can be hard…I know. It’s even harder when you’re working a full-time job and intend to build a long-term side project. Perhaps reading this extensive breakdown of how we built and deployed Devjavu might make it easier for you to get started on your next side project. Let’s get down to the details. Devjavu is a self-hosted blog for exploring practical software development articles. It’s something we worked on on the side while I worked a full-time job and my partner had a remot

Using WordPress As A GraphQL Backend

WordPress has been the go-to solution for building websites for the longest of time. From simple static landing pages to blogs and e-commerce websites. However, one major setback it has is scalability & reusability. Say you wanted to use your content on other clients or services, a mobile application, for example, it’s mostly a pain to achieve because of the monolith structure of WordPress. WordPress, however, added the WordPress REST API that allows developers to access and use data outside of

Sample Landscaping Services Web Copy

SERVICES Sample Landscape Services provides adequate caring for and beautifying of properties throughout Blah. Be it landscape maintenance services, or a complete landscape, we provide according to your needs. Having been in the system since 1994, we have grown over the years and become very professional about what we do, bringing luxurious landscapes to you. Our many years of existence gives us the expertise needed to give you a blend of whatever you might want your landscape to look and feel like.

Sample Web Copy

Getting your business online and having all the services you need for it to thrive in that space takes a lot of research and learning a lot of technical jargon. Luckily, we at Sample are here to save you from your worries and take all the hard work off your shoulders. Sample exists to offer you the very best services you need to get on your feet from the ground up, we also are here to change the face of your website and online presence if you are looking to rebrand your business. Our mission is to help your business grow its audience revenue through innovative digital marketing solutions.

The Perfect Monday Tips

The weekend is over and we are on to another week. Maybe you have goals to achieve, deadlines to meet and are not as excited to get into the new week. How about learning a few tips to lifting your spirits and getting your week running just fine. • Get started in the day with your favourite playlist. Music after all has always been known to heal the soul. • Smile. There’s a lot to look forward to, you just don’t know what yet. • Prepare your to-do list. This will help you have a mental breakdown

Keeping Calm while Preparing for Exams

It’s that time of the year again for Nigerian students after many months of inactivity with school-related activities. More than ever, there is the worry of passing exams because of the short time frame given to study while many course lectures are yet to be completed. Here are a few tricks to keep you going and your mind calm enough to see through yet another set of examinations. • Eat well: People often get a headache while involved in brain activity and this is often caused by a lack of glu


Job applicants looking to land a direct support professional role in an organization are asked certain types of questions during the interview. This is for the interviewer to discover your skill sets and decide if you are a great fit for the role they are looking to fill. This is someone who works directly with people with disabilities (physical or intellectual) by caring for them and guiding them to independence. This person works to integrate these disabled people back into their communities.